Mario Kart Videogame Score Study

Nov 2019


Composed a concept soundtrack for Mario Kart 11. With Mario Kart’s beach levels in mind I opted to create a samba/bossa inspired song.

The Process

The song I wrote for the level has three interchangeable parts that correspond to the possible situtations that the player can be in. There are three versions of the song that can be played by themselves or mixed together to match the mood on screen. The three parts are:

Base Layer

The Base Layer is the main skeleton of the song. Here I include things like the bass line, percussion, and simple lead line. This track is purposefully left “minimal” so that it can be mixed together with the other parts.

Intense Layer

The Intense Layer is meant to be played during the last lap of the race, when the stakes are the highest for competing players.

Underwater Layer

The Underwater Layer is meant to be played when the players are racing through an underwater portion of the racetrack.

Base + Underwater Layer

Example of two layers played together.

Base + Intense Layer

Example of two layers played together.

Everything was arranged and recorded using Logic Pro X. The instruments used come from Logic as well as Kontakt libraries.